Has lockdown changed our yoga practice for good?

Is online yoga here to stay?

Back in March 2020, 59% of yoga students practised in yoga studios and another 21% practised on their own at home. Only 9% practised yoga online.

Then the pandemic happened.

As a result, yoga teachers started offering their classes on Zoom. But teachers often don’t have a website with a class booking facility. They asked their students for their email addresses, opened a personal Zoom account, and gave their bank details for students to pay.

At Live Yoga Teachers, we practised yoga on Zoom straight away. We quickly realised the potential of practising via livestreaming and we decided to build a platform to make the process easier.

Here are the results of a survey we organised for the launch. You can also find a pdf version here.

46% of students said they would like to keep practising online after lockdown

We are seeing a near 400% increase in online yoga in one year.

400 percent increase online yoga students

Live online yoga helped students practice more often

In March 2020, yoga studios in many countries were asked to close down and had to cancel their classes. Despite the national closures, only 7% of yoga students didn't practise at all during lockdown.

9% of respondents started practising yoga during lockdown, 24% practiced less, and another 36% practiced more yoga during lockdown than before the lockdown.

36 percent yoga students practiced more during lockdown

Students like to practise on Zoom

46% of students practiced yoga on Zoom

Students enjoyed being able to just turn up to the yoga mat without a commute.They also liked the flexibility of practising from home: being able to decide to join at the last minute, being more focused on your own practice and less disturbed by other participants, while having a teacher watching you to keep the motivation going.

46 percent practised yoga on zoom
Yoga students what do you like about zoom

How can the process be improved?

Students receive a lot of emails from multiple teachers, and often have a hard time finding the right email with the Zoom details, just as the class is about to start.

Sometimes they even miss the class because they don’t have or can’t easily find the right information. They also have to pay via bank transfer after each class, which they might forget.

Yoga student what do you dislike about zoom

Online yoga : an opportunity for teachers

Before lockdown, 50% teachers were teaching in studios, 29% in private classes (at home or student home).

76% of teachers started teaching on Zoom during lockdown.

30% have been teaching as much during lockdown as before lockdown, 15% haven been teaching more. Some teachers even saw an increase in revenue per class. 43% of them would like to keep teaching online after lockdown.

What do you like about teaching yoga on Zoom

How can the process be improved ?

Teachers’ main concern is to find new students. They also find it difficult not knowing how many students will attend a class, having to send them many emails, or not knowing who has paid.

What do you dislike about teaching yoga on zoom

Teaching online might become a necessity after the pandemic

9% of teachers have had their studios shut down for good (4% of the students have also faced the same problem)

9 percent studios shut down for good

Yoga During Lockdown Survey

Conducted from the 1st of February through the 31st of march 2021, the survey collected answers from 136 respondents (103 students, 33 teachers) from the UK, France and other parts of the world. The data above is just a sample of what is available, full details and results here. We can also provide detailed data for the UK and France.

Please get in touch if you’d like to dig in a topic a bit more, we would be happy to deliver custom analysis for any specific article.

You’re welcome to copy graphs and data, but please link to this site (https://liveyogateachers.com/)

Example of available data about yoga students

  • Props and equipment bought by students during lockdown (spoiler: 29 % didn't buy anything)
  • Favourite Youtube channels and apps (Adriene, Down Dog…)
  • Reason behind the choice of a studio pre-lockdown (in the UK, 38% chose their studio(s) because of a specific teacher)
  • Mental health impact of yoga during the pandemic (for 20% students, yoga helped fight anxiety and depression)
  • Who students practice with (14% of their partners join in)
  • Where they set up (living room for 36%)

Example of available data about yoga teachers :

  • Relationship with studios (52% teach on both studio and personal Zoom account)
  • Teachers who have been teaching less/more than before lockdown (22% teachers in the UK have been teaching more than before lockdown)
  • Teachers who gave private classes before lockdown (29%)
Posted on
05 May 2021