Business of Yoga

ALO Moves: US based app for recorded yoga classes

ALO Moves offers recorded yoga classes, but their main activity is activewear retail with 14 shops in the US.

Cat Meffan - Down to earth, heartfelt yoga practices

Cat Meffan, a successful British youtube yoga teacher, teaches vinyasa flow yoga, power yoga, rocket yoga, yin, restorative flow yoga, as meditation, mindfulness and breathwork

Yoga with Tim, for beach or desert outdoor backdrop classes

Yoga with Tim stars yogi Tim Senesi, Californian Youtube yoga teacher.

Yoga studios are closing permanently in the UK: statistics from Google Trends and Companies House in the UK

Since lockdown many studios have closed their doors permanently. Data shows that yoga students are now taking free online classes on Youtube in the UK

Sarah Beth Yoga: No. 3 in the UK - From Power to Restorative Yoga

Yoga and lifestyle teacher Sarah Beth of SarahBethYoga lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband and two sons and has been practicing yoga for over a decade.

Yoga with Kassandra, No2 in the UK, Yin Yoga and Vinyasa flow

Yoga with Kassandra is Canadian instructor Kassandra Reinhardt, based in Ontario, who has been teaching yoga on YouTube since 2014, specialising in Yin Yoga.

Yoga with Adriene : Number 1 Youtube Yoga Channel in the UK

Yoga with Adriene is Austin-based Adriene Mishler, the most searched yoga teacher on YouTube. Specialising in Vinyasa, her videos often feature her dog, Benji.

Youtube Yoga: a surge in channel subscription since March 2020

Practising Yoga on YouTube became very popular during the 2020 lockdown. Thousands of people practised yoga while watching YouTube Videos. Are yoga students going to go back to yoga studios? What are the pro's and con's of YouTube Yoga?

Yoga during lockdown: stats and trends (UK and France)

Through a survey in the UK and France, we analyse the consequences of the pandemic on the yoga practise of both students and teachers.

The cost of a yoga teacher website

How much does a yoga teachers website cost? In this article we'll explain all the costs occurred to create and promote your website

Tips For Teaching Livestream Yoga

As we move forward and life begins to reopen, online Yoga is set to stay. Here are some tips to teach Yoga on Zoom and help students practice more often