Online Yoga Gift Card

yoga gift card

Give Live Online Yoga Classes!

An online yoga gift card is an eco-friendly gift that brings joy

A gift that can improve people’s life by staying fit, reducing anxiety, helping them sleep better and having more energy

You can't go wrong with Livestream yoga. Purchase our gift card for £30 (3 classes) or £50 (5 classes):

  • It is a sustainable present as no transport is required (from home) and almost no equipment is required (just a yoga mat)
  • We offer all types of yoga as well as other wellness classes, for all ages and fitness level. The beneficiary can use the Gift Card from anywhere
  • Our teachers are independent yoga teachers based in the UK. When you buy a gift card you contribute to your local yoga community.

The person who will receive the gift card can use it for any of our classes for either 2 or 3 months

How to purchase a gift card:

  • Make a £50 payment or a £30 payment
  • We'll ask you for the name and email of the beneficiary, and a starting date
  • You'll receive the gift card by email

Email us if you have any questions :)

We have classes in many types of yoga (Hatha, Iyengar, Somatic, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Traditional and Chair Yoga) and we also have classes in meditation, pilates, breathing, mantras and sound bath.

Gift cards Terms and Conditions

We really want to offer gift cards, but we are a bit limited by our systems. See below the little trick we have to do to make it work!

We offer 2 types of group class passes: £30 for 3 classes (valid for 2 months), and £50 for 5 (valid for 3 months).

As our teachers are independent and set their own prices, we don't know in advance how much a class is going to be

So when you buy a pass, you buy a fixed block of classes, which can be extended a bit, if you pick cheaper classes. We’ll issue another voucher for any credit left above £10.

Gift cards can only be used for online group classes. Get in touch if you'd like a one-to-one class instead!

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Unfortunately, the opposite is not true

If you book a class above £10, for example, £15, you are going to have to pay the extra £5 with your credit card, it cannot be compensated by a cheaper class bought before or after.