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Platform FAQs

How do I use Live Yoga Teachers?

Live Yoga Teachers is a platform designed to help you organise your online classes stress-free. You create your account, create classes and sessions, invite your students and we do the rest. Except for the teaching! You can watch our 2mn video on Why Join Live Yoga Teachers to find out more.

What can I teach on Live Yoga Teachers?

You can teach any type of yoga you are qualified for. The platform is also open to sound bath, pilates and meditation teachers. You can decide on the type of yoga, class duration, class price, number of participants, language and more!

Let us know if a type of yoga you'd like to teach is missing.

Where are you based? Can I teach from anywhere?

We are UK-based. The class prices display in GBP and the times in GMT and we ask for a UK insurance certificate. We use Stripe Connect to take payments, so the platform is accessible in 47 countries listed here. Stripe Connect is not available in India (indicated as "preview").

Students can attend classes from anywhere in the world.

If you're a teacher based outside the UK and would like to use the platform, please read the guidelines further below.

How do I get students to attend my classes?

Teachers can invite their existing students to the platform using the link provided on their students' tab. Students will then follow the teacher, they'll be able to book your classes easily and they'll get a weekly class reminder.

Teachers can identify those students on their student tab: they are marked "referred by you", so teachers know who hasn't made the switch yet (and re-email them).

We promote the platform on digital marketing channels to help teachers find new students (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter etc...). If you would like to be included in our campaigns please schedule at least 2 months of classes.

We recommended teachers have their own marketing strategy and not rely entirely on us to find all their students :)

Regularity and reliability are essential to building up a student base. Teachers could plan fewer classes to make sure they get enough participants each time, and only add a class when the other ones are full.

How much commission do you take?

We take a 20% commission on the class price to cover the payment fees, the video costs, and to invest in marketing to help fill your classes.

If you charge your students £8 for a class, you’ll pocket £6.40 per student.

Teachers who teach consistently to more than 5 participants a week get a lower commission, as low as 5% if you teach above 60 students a week.

Join now to get the lowest commission rates

As we are still in the early stage of the company, the 20% base commission you'll get when you join is guaranteed for life, as long as you schedule at least one class per week (you can take time off when you want).

The commission rate will increase in the future but only for new signups.


% Commission

1 to 5


6 to 10


11 to 20


21 to 30


31 to 45


46 to 60


61 and over


How to fill in your profile description

The goal of the profile description is to let students know what to expect from a yoga class taught by you. Any information on you, your background, your yoga experience and your teaching style will be helpful.

Answer questions about who you are: where you come from, how old you are, previous/current other sports or activity, previous/current professional background

Answer questions about you and yoga: how long you’ve been doing yoga, how you started practising, how did you become a yoga teacher, who is your reference teacher, If you ever went to India, what type of yoga you teach, what is your teaching style

Please do not include contact details, links to websites, email addresses, or physical addresses in your profile or class description.
When students book they receive a confirmation email with the teacher’s email address in case they need to get in touch, which we encourage them to do. Teachers also get the students' email addresses on their dashboard.

If you teach in a yoga studio, you can link your profile to it under “Also teaching at”. Let us know if your yoga studio is missing from our studios section, we’re happy to create one for you.

When do I get paid?

You get paid once a week for all sales made during one week. Some cancellation will happen, but it should balance itself out. In case you have more cancellations than booking revenue, we’ll wait until you’re above zero to start paying you again.

Will Live Yoga Teachers be emailing my students?

The platform will send automated emails to your students: booking receipts, class reminders, video links and weekly schedule updates.

If your students have signed up using your personal student link, they won't receive any other weekly teachers' updates from us (unless they chose to follow other teachers on the platform)

We reserve the right to email the entire user database for platform changes : technical update, new feature, T&Cs changes, etc...

We will only send marketing emails to students who opt in our newsletter.

Overall we'll try and avoid spamming students while getting them the right reminders at the right time.

Health Questionnaire

Some yoga insurances require a health questionnaire to be filled in by every new student joining a class. Every insurance has different requirements, and / or forms to fill. If your insurance requires a health questionnaire, please send the form to your new student before the class. You can find your student’s email address on your dashboard, on the student’s tab. We are working on creating an online form for health questionnaires.

How do I create a Stripe account?

We use Stripe to collect payments. For you to be able to get paid, you’ll need to create a Stripe account and link it to you own bank account. All you need is your own bank account details, an ID, and to fill in the online form. You can do all this from your dashboard once you have created an account with us.

Why do I need to upload an ID?

Stripe requests to verify your identity to comply with local regulators and bank partners. Verifying identity is a common process when you open a bank account, to avoid money laundering, terrorist financing, and tax evasion. Depending on where you are based, you can use a valid passport, ID card or drivers license to verify your identify.

Payout delay

There is a seven day delay between the payment made by the student and the moment it reaches your Stripe account. Once it's cleared in your Stripe account, it gets sent immediately for payout to your bank account. This can then take two to three days. A summary of the payouts is available on your dashboard.

You can find a summary of your revenue per class on the “Classes” tab.

What kind of insurance do you require?

We ask yoga teachers to upload their up-to-date yoga teacher insurance certificate. Your insurance should cover online teaching. Such insurances are either provided by yoga organisations like British Wheel of Yoga or Yoga Alliance, or private insurances like insure4sports or Fitpro.

What kind of diploma do you require ?

We require a copy of your latest teacher training certificate. If you dont have any, or you can’t find it, please upload a Yoga CV with up-to-date experience.

How long will you keep my account live?

if your account has been inactive for more than 2 years, we will pause it. You can email us to reactivate it.

Can I cancel my account?

You can request an account cancellation anytime, it will be effective within 2 business days. All future classes will be cancelled and the students will be refunded.

Free class to new students

By joining the platform you agree to participate in our welcome free class initiative. Every new student signing up to the platform is entitled to one free class. So you might get a student joining your class for free. We are working on making it possible to opt-out.

The current code to enter at checkout to redeem the free class is FREECLASS22.

Guidelines on how to use the platform outside the UK

Our main customer base is in the UK, so the times displayed are UK time, and the currency used is GBP at the moment.

You can use the platform if you are not based in the UK, but prices will stay in GBP and the time will be displayed in GMT/BST.

So if you are based in Canada and want to teach at 9 am PDT, enter 9 am while creating your session, and the website will display 5 pm.

Don't forget to tell your local students to book the class at 5 pm in GBP and explain to them that the class will happen at 9 am despite what the website says!

If you are travelling and you'd like to teach to a UK audience, then you'll need to enter the local time that matches the GMT/BST time in the UK.

For example, if you are in Mexico and would like to teach in the UK at 6pm, you'll need to schedule the class at 12pm while in Mexico (the website will display 6pm)

Adding more time zones and currencies are on the roadmap!

Fee avoidance

We ask you to always use the platform to sell livestream classes to students we put you in touch with. Fee avoidance is prohibited and you could get banned from using the platform.

I have seen some bad reviews of Stripe, is it safe to use?

Stripe is a reliable interface used by big tech companies like Deliveroo, Lyft, Booking, Asos Market Place, and Open Table. Payment platforms have a lot of anti laundering regulations to abide by, and a lot of customers, and sometimes people's accounts can get suspended which can lead to extremely irate reviews. Other payment platforms (like Paypal) have similar customer feedback, and we have chosen Stripe as it is globally the best reviewed and the most suitable for the platform.

Classes FAQs

How to fill in the class description

Any teaching or equipment information you may want to give to a student:

  • What type of students is this class suitable for (beginners, advanced, pregnancy)
  • What type of props will you be using
  • Poses to expect (standing poses, backbends, forward bends, inversions, twists, restorative)
  • What style of teaching to expect, what kind of pace
  • Recommended playlist

How to start your class

One hour before the class you will receive a teacher link by email. You can click on this link and it will start the class automatically on Zoom.

Your students who booked on the platform will at the same time receive their student link, with which they can join the class.

You can also find both those links on your session page (one hour before the class): https://liveyogateachers.com/classes/

If you inadvertently leave the class before it finishes, you can go to the session page to regenerate a meeting link. If you do that, your students will automatically receive the new link.

How to organise one to one classes?

How to organise one to one classes on the platform:

  • Agree with the student on a price and a day /time
  • Create a class with a capacity of one at the said price and date
  • You can make the session private - you’ll need to send the link to the student so they can book
  • You can also keep it “public” so the student can find the class on the website

How much can I charge per student?

We have a minimum fare requirement of £6 at the moment. This minimum price might change in the future. You can charge as much as you want - well as much as you think your students are willing to pay!

How do I update my contact list ?

If you want to add students to your contact list, you'll just need to send them the invite link, located on your student page. They can sign up and they'll follow you straight away and get your updates.

You own your contact list and if you were to decide to leave the platform, you'll be able to copy your students' email addresses. You have access to your contact list all the time on your students tab.

Can I record my classes?

We do not provide any recording features at the moment. You can record your screen with a third party, but we ask you to not have any students on your screen if you decide to record your screen. It's forbidden to use people's images without their consent.

We are working on adding a recording option for the students to be able to re-watch for 24h (or in case they missed the class).

Do you send class reminders?

We send class reminders to all students on Sundays at 11am. If you'd like to be included for the following week, make sure you create your classes before that day and time.

It is recommended to create classes 2-3 weeks in advance to allow students to book in advance if they wish anyways.

Can a student cancel a class?

Students can cancel up to one hour before the class, they’ll get refunded. We are working on offering a credit instead of a refund.

They can book up until the beginning of the class (up to 5mn after the class has started), but are advised to book at least 15 minutes before the class to have time to get ready.

Can a teacher cancel a class?

We would like to avoid any class cancellations from a teacher. Please only plan classes that you know you will be able to hold. We do not provide cover.

We expect teachers to teach even if there is only one participant in the class (and even if that participant is using a free class voucher). When you create a class you commit to be ready to teach up to 5 min past the beginning of a class (students can book up to 5mn after the class started).

Will the student have the camera on?

We ask all students to have their camera on, as we believe that having the teacher watching you practice is what makes livestream classes better than recorded ones!

If you'd like to make it mandatory for students who attend your class to have their camera on, please use the "camera on" tag and mention it in your class description.

It is recommended to mute all participants at the beginning of the class to avoid background noise.

What is the difference in between a class and a session?

When you create your class, you decide on type of yoga, level, language, price, specific audience and a class description.

When you create a session for a class, you pick the date, the duration, and you can make your class private.

How do I set up for the class?

Make sure you plug in your device to have sufficient power for the entire class, position yourself in front of a white wall if possible, and avoid being backlit so the students can see you! You'll be getting the video link one hour before the class by email.
You can view students who booked your class on your student tab. You'll get an email every time someone makes a booking.

Can I offer a discount for concession, or offer a free first class?

Yes you can offer a discount or a free class to your students. We provide teachers with personal coupons that they can give to their students: 20% off for concession fare and Free Class coupons. You can find your coupons on your classes page on your dashboard.

Email example to invite your students to book a class

On your “Students” tab there is a link, unique to you, that you can copy and send to your students. They will automatically follow you, have access to your classes and get your updates. You'll see them listed under your "Students "tab.

Here is an example of a message you could use to invite them on the platform:

Please follow this link to sign up and book for my next class that takes place the (date and time): "student invite link"

Please note this is not a video link, you need to sign up and book before the class.

You’ll be able to book online using a credit card, you’ll get receipts and class reminders, and you will have access to my full schedule.
See you soon on Live Yoga Teachers!