FAQ's - Yoga Teachers

Frequently Asked Platform Questions

How do I use Live Yoga Teachers?

Live Yoga Teachers is a platform designed to help you organise your online and in-person classes stress-free. You create your account, classes and sessions, and invite your network. A bit like a market place like Etsy.

If you have existing online classes on your own Zoom or Google Meet account, you can provide your own video link to the platform to get online exposure and find new participants to join your existing classes.

Please register for our platform video calls here. We have them twice a week, on Tuesdays 11 am and Thursdays 2 pm, and we explain our strategy and show you the platform's main features. You can also read more about why join the platform.

Ready to join? You can choose a plan and click on "Start teaching now". Once you're in, you can follow our onboarding guidelines.

What can I teach on Live Yoga Teachers?

You can teach any type of yoga you are qualified for. The platform is also open to Breathing, Sound Bath, Pilates and Meditation teachers. You can decide on the type of yoga, day/time of the week, class duration, class price, number of participants, language and more! You can teach online and in-person.

Let us know if a type of yoga you'd like to teach is missing

Where are you based? Can I teach from anywhere?

We are UK-based. The class prices display in GBP, the times in GMT and we ask for a UK insurance certificate. You can only create and manage your account with us if you are based in the UK.

Students can attend classes from anywhere in the world.

How much do you charge?

You can choose between 3 plans:

  • Teacher: 25% commission (no video link)
  • Master: £9 a month + 7.5% commission (reduced commission, video link provided)
  • Guru: £19 a month + 5% commission (reduced commission, video link provided, links to your website and socials)

Find out more about livestream yoga class pricing. Our fees are non-refundable, you can change plan anytime in your account.

Free yoga class to new students in marketing campaigns

We sometimes offer free classes to students in our marketing campaigns, so we recommend only creating an account with us if you are prepared to accept students coming to your classes for free.

We would like to avoid any class cancellation, even if the only participant is using the free voucher.

How do I get private classes and corporate classes opportunities?

We centralize requests from students for online private classes and companies' requests for corporate yoga classes, and we contact teachers who match the requirements directly. You can tell us if you are available to teach corporate and private classes on your account tab.

We will always offer opportunities to teachers who have live classes scheduled on the platform first.

How long will you keep my account live?

if your account has been inactive for more than 2 years, we will pause it. You can email us to reactivate it.

Can I cancel my account?

You can request an account cancellation anytime, it will be effective within 2 business days. All future classes will be cancelled and the students will be refunded.

Fee avoidance

We ask you to always use the platform to sell classes to students we put you in touch with. Fee avoidance is prohibited, and you could get banned from the platform.

Frequently Asked Classes Questions

Can a teacher cancel a class?

We would like to avoid any class cancellations from a teacher. Please only plan classes that you know you will be able to hold. We do not provide cover.

We expect teachers to teach even if there is only one participant in the class (and even if that participant is using a free class voucher). When you create a class you commit to be ready to teach up to 5 min past the beginning of a class (students can book up to 5mn after the class started).

How do I update my contact list ?

If you want to add students to your contact list, you'll just need to send them the invite link, located on your student page. They can sign up and they'll follow you straight away and get your updates.

You own your contact list and if you were to decide to leave the platform, you'll be able to copy your students' email addresses. You have access to your contact list all the time on your students tab.

Can I record my classes?

We do not provide any recording features at the moment. You can record your screen with a third party, but we ask you to not have any students on your screen if you decide to record your screen. It's forbidden to use people's images without their consent.

Can a student cancel a class?

All our bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. A student can't cancel a class they booked. We are asking students to make sure they can attend the class before they book.

If one of your students needs to cancel and asks you for a refund, you can always let them use your Free class voucher (located on your account tab) for the next class. Let us know when you'd like us to renew your voucher.

Students can book up until the beginning of the class (up to 5mn after the class has started), but are advised to book at least 15 minutes before the class to have time to get ready.

Will the student have the camera on?

Participants must have their cameras on, as we believe that having the teacher watch you practice makes livestream classes better than recorded ones. If the participant would like to keep the camera off, they should ask us or the teacher before the class.