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All our yoga classes are livestream. We are based in East London and Brighton in the UK, and our teachers teach online yoga classes from London, Newcastle, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Scotland, Manchester and other places in Britain.

Streaming yoga classes are an alternative to recorded yoga classes on Youtube and Apps. Book a class now to support your local yoga community! You'll work out harder, have more fun and be more committed. Prices start from £5.

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The best yoga classes at home are on this platform

Looking for a home yoga class? That’s what we do. We connect people to the best yoga teachers in the UK for online yoga classes that you can practice from home.

By grouping independent yoga teachers’ classes in one platform, we offer the widest choice of live yoga types in the UK. We offer up to 30 online classes a week in many types of yogas: Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Kundalini, Yin, Somatic, Meditation, Breathing, and Sound bath. We have classes during the week and at weekends for all levels, open level, beginners, and advanced.

All teachers have their own style of yoga teaching, and their specialities. Some yoga instructors are specialising in back pain, some in the nervous system, and others in stress relief or posture improvement, let us know if you have any special request so we can match you with the right teacher!

Some will teach well-known yoga poses, some others will teach some more advanced ones. Some teachers will use a playlist during the class, and some will play the gong during relaxation.

You can practise yoga freely: no monthly membership, no unlimited access or on-demand class, all our classes are live, so you pay for each class you’d like to attend, and prices start as low as £5.

Become connected within yourself while building strength and flexibility one online yoga class at a time!

What is the best yoga for beginners?

Many say that the best yoga for beginners is Hatha yoga, but everyone is different, and there isn’t one beginner yoga type. The suitable yoga for you will depend on many factors, including flexibility, age, and workout expectations. We help you find the best yoga !

Benefits of live online yoga classes

With livestream yoga, you can unleash the yogi within from your own living room! Enjoy all of its perks - no need to commute or book days in advance for a class, live yoga makes it easy to find time for self-care.

With no need for travel, practising yoga is simple and hassle-free - even if you decide at the last minute. You unroll your mat, say hi to the teacher and follow the instructions.

Chances are you'll find yourself with fewer distractions and more focus on your individual practise than visiting an overcrowded studio class.

Helping teachers organise their live online yoga classes

With our stress-free platform, teaching yoga online is easier than ever. You create and display your livestream classes and start teaching immediately - no lengthy set up process required.

By creating your profile page you allow others to find you and book classes with ease. Don't let the need for a personal website hold you back! Enjoy automated sales all in one place, without needing extra payment reconciliation!

Students can book directly with each teacher through us, and we handle all payments securely via credit cards as well as sending receipts, video links, and regular schedule updates. Thanks to our active online marketing efforts promoting the platform, we help teachers find new students for group classes, private yoga classes, and corporate yoga classes.

Online yoga classes in the UK: from Yoga with Adriene to Yoga International

This platform was created during lockdown. We’ve enjoyed practising livestream yoga during lockdown and we believe it’s here to stay.

Other players in online yoga classes in the UK, are YouTube channels like Yoga With Adriene, Kassandra Yoga, Yoga with Tim, Cat Meffan and Sarah Beth. They offer recorded yoga classes by topic: yoga for weight loss, yoga challenge, morning yoga, feel good yoga, minute yoga, yoga for wellbeing. There is plenty of choices to practice from home!

Favourite apps in the UK are apps like Downdog, Asana Rebel, Yoga for Beginners, Yoga International and Glo. But YouTube yoga and yoga apps offer recorded yoga videos, not live stream classes.

A mix of live classes and in-person classes is best for students, so we provide UK yoga studio information for students to practice in person with their livestream teacher if they wish.

Our teachers teach many types of yoga: vinyasa yoga, yin, Hatha, ashtanga, power yoga, yoga flow, Iyengar, Kundalini, traditional yoga, prenatal yoga, besides yoga we also have classes in pilates, sound bath and meditation.

Ready for your yoga practice? Book a class and unroll your yoga mat!