Best Yoga Apps in the UK

Best yoga apps in the UK

Yoga apps are apps that you download on your mobile phone to practice yoga. The app will let you chose the recorded class of your choice. Most yoga apps are not exclusive to yoga and also include sessions in Fitness, bare and HIIT classes (and sometimes even running).

Some apps are subscription-based (Asana Rebels, Alo Moves), where subscribers can practice an unlimited amount of times every month in exchange with a fixed price subscription (around £20/30 a month)

Some apps are free with in-app purchases (for example Downdog app), and some are free like Daily Yoga app, or the Yoga for Beginners app.

Short sessions to fit easily in a busy day

The main difference with studio practice is that yoga apps offer very short yoga sessions, some of them of only 5 minutes, which seems very short to people who are used to 1 hour or 1.5 hours classes. But if you can fit twenty minutes sessions 3 times in your day, that is one hour of yoga!

Best yoga apps when you are a beginner

Going to a yoga class in a studio can be intimidating. You might be worried you're not very flexible and could make a fool of yourself. By trying yoga at home on an app you can see what it is all about. But if you're a beginner, it is recommended to take classes with a teacher, so you learn how to go in the poses without hurting yourself, either in a studio or livestream.

Monthly searches for “yoga app” in the UK

Lockdown was a great booster for yoga apps and for fitness and wellness apps in general. Gyms and yoga studios closed down, and the only other sport available was running.

“Yoga app” related searches started in 2010, and had their peak in March 2020 during the first lockdown.

Google Trends "yoga apps" (Google Trends)

Among the other workout available during lockdown, yoga apps came after running and fitness apps. Running apps had their peak in April 2020.

Running has been very popular during the first lockdown, but current data shows that fitness apps are the most searched is the UK at the moment, meditation and running are 2nd, yoga app is searched 590 times a month in the UK. Hiit classes have seen a -50% decrease vs last year

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Best Yoga apps in the UK by cumulative ratings

Most popular yoga apps on the Google Play store when you search for “yoga” are Downdog app, Daily Yoga and Yoga for beginners. They get most ratings (therefore the most users). These top apps are free to download with in app purchase.

Top 10 yoga app (

Other popular apps are Glo, Asana Rebel, Underbelly, Peloton, Alo Moves, Pocket, Gaia, Yoga Studio etc

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Best meditation apps in the UK

Meditation is also very popular in the app stores. Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety without needing to suffer and sweat and can be done virtually anywhere. We review apps like Insight Timer, Calm and Headspace.

Pro's and Con's of Yoga apps

The pro's of using a yoga app:

  • you can practice anywhere as all you need is your mobile ( work, forest, park)
  • you can practice at the last minute
  • you can practice for a short session

The con's of practising with a yoga app:

  • Lack of commitment (risk of skipping the practice)
  • Pay for a year and only use it for one month
  • Risk of injury

Yoga apps are great to start yoga or to help you practice when you have no other alternative, but if you can try and practise with a teacher, you'll see the difference it makes!