Free Yoga Classes

Free yoga during lockdown

During lockdown everyone started to give away free online classes, or donation-based classes. Everyone was stressed and anxious and many discovered yoga at that time.

Yoga teachers started teaching on Zoom - it took a bit longer for yoga studios to follow.

YouTube influencers saw their numbers double and apps became temporarily free to use, especially for schools and for essential workers and NHS staff. Many people were also giving away free sessions on live social media channels.

During lockdown, yoga was given away for free. But can yoga be free forever? One direct consequence of yoga being free is that many yoga studios have closed down since the end of the lockdowns.

Free online yoga: YouTube and Apps

Free yoga on YouTube

You can practise yoga watching Yoga YouTube videos, and those are free - except you have to watch ads to access those videos! Influencers will try and have you sign up to they website so they can retain a direct connection with you. And they often offer a paid for version of their online classes. The most famous yoga influencer on YouTube is Yoga with Adriene.

Free yoga on yoga apps

Most yoga apps will let you test the app for a week to 2 weeks, but they’ll ask for your credit card number, so make sure you cancel the membership, the reviews are full of upset people having been charged a subscription while not using the app. Some apps were completely free during lockdown , but they have now changed their pricing back to normal. That is the case for the Daily Yoga App, and the Yoga for Beginners App.

Free yoga for beginners

You might be tempted to try yoga for free when you are a beginner - before committing to buying a 10-class pass - but did you know you can get a real teacher for as little as a one-off £5?

You could learn yoga online as a beginner by watching youtube videos or apps, but teachers are there to adapt the classes to your level and your capacity, so taking classes with teachers could help you have a good start in Yoga.

Not sure what type of yoga to test? Read our advice on the best yoga type for beginners.

Is there such thing as a free lunch?

You know the saying " there is no such thing as a free lunch". If you get something for free, you pay it back one way or another.

When you think about it, what type of sport or exercise is truly free?

Running is not free: you must buy new shoes every 500 km and spend on outfits (and gadgets!).

Cycling is not free; you need to buy a bike and the equipment.

Swimming is not free; you have to pay for the pool, and invest in at least a suit, goggles and hat.

Going to a yoga studio or a gym can be expensive - some studios charge £18 to £30 a class, gyms can cost up to £80 a month…

In fact, according to "The average person spends £207.64 per month on health & fitness in the UK, amounting to £201,826.08 in an average lifetime*.

Why not pay a bit for yoga and support your local yoga teachers community?

When you practice yoga, all you need is a yoga mat. A £25 investment that will last you years!

Live stream yoga classes are a good compromise: you get the teacher’s quality teaching, the energy and the motivation for a lower price than in a studio - our classes start at just £5. Book one of our live online yoga classes now!