Instagram for Yoga Teachers

Instagram & Yoga

Instagram and yoga are very connected.

It even became a word!

People sometimes refer to "Instagram yoga" - most of the time to express that what we see on Instagram is not representative of what yoga practitioners should look like. And indeed, luckily we don't need to be skinny and bendy to practice and get the benefits of yoga!

But Instagram is a relevant marketing channel for yoga, so we’ve put together some guidelines about the best practices to help yoga teachers with their social media channels - and some suggestions for us to work together

4 content pillars

4 topics. That's what the experts say about how many topics you should discuss on social media. The type of content could be :

  • Connection Content
  • Conversation Content
  • Education Content
  • Entertainment Content
  • Inspiration Content
  • Promotion Content

To determine your content pillars start by identifying the core themes that align with your yoga philosophy and offerings.

Consider the aspects of yoga that you are most passionate about — whether it's the physical postures, the spiritual journey, meditation, or nutrition.

Think about the value each aspect contributes to your audience's life. Also, assess what differentiates you: your teaching style, your unique approach to yoga, or your yoga journey.

Combine these elements to create 3-5 broad content pillars that will guide your creative output and ensure it’s consistently aligned with both your brand and your followers' expectations.

instagram for yoga teachers

Use Hashtags

What are hashtags?

People search for content starting with # (hashtags), and the more you use, the more you can be found on Instagram - but the hashtags you use need to be relevant to what you offer!

Hashtags help your posts get displayed to people outside your personal network. When you use hashtags you increase your chances of getting noticed and acquiring new followers.

If you are a hatha yoga teacher, you can use hashtags like these: #hatha #hathayoga #hathayogateacher #hathayogaclass #hathayogauk #hathayogaonline

How do you know which hashtags to use?

Go to search on IG, type in the topic of your post and see what comes up. The best is to select a mix of high-volume hashtags (so you get a chance to go “viral”) and small volumes ones (easier to get noticed).

You can use up to 30 hashtags per post, so don't be shy!

instagram hashtags for yoga teachers

Interact with people

Tag and mention people using @ so they see your post and interact with it.

Follow people and spend time on other people's profiles to like their content and comment on their posts.

Make reels

The algorithm gives them more reach than other formats.

Since Tik Tok success, Instagram has launched Reels to compete against them on short videos. Keep your reels short (less than 10 seconds) and use trending music as the algorithm will display the reel to people who watched reels with the same music before!

Post every day

It sounds like a lot, but you can use tools to help you! Buffer (free for up to 3 channels), Later (free for one social set), Meetedgar (from $25a per month), and Hootsuite (from £89 a month).

You can also subcontract your content creation and social media scheduling to a VA (virtual assistant). They are usually based abroad and can charge as low as £5 to £10 an hour. You can find VAs on platforms like People per Hour or Fiverr.

Let us Remix your reels!

If you have scheduled classes on the platform, we help you increase the number of people who see your post (=reach).

If you are looking to increase traffic to your profile, It's very important that you let us "Remix" your reels: that way when we remix your reel, we add a short screen at the end of it telling people to book now + website address. Your reel gets added to our grid and our reels, and it gets more views and more reach!

You can use #liveyogateachers when you promote your classes.

You can also use the Collab feature. When you invite us for a collab, your post gets displayed on our grid, we notice it so we can interact, and our followers can see it too.

How to allow us to remix your reels:

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Measuring Success and Iterating Your Strategy

To understand the impact of your content and refine your strategy, you need to measure your success. Instagram Insights offers valuable data on your posts and audience, helping you identify what's working and what's not.

Engagement Metrics

Look at likes, comments, shares, and saves to understand which posts resonate most with your audience. High engagement is a sign that your content is striking a chord.

Follower Growth

Check your follower count and look at when you gain or lose followers. If you notice patterns, try to correlate them with your content or posting schedule.

Reach and Impressions

These metrics tell you how many people are seeing your content. If you have a big discrepancy between reach and engagement, it could mean that people are not finding your content as engaging once they see it.

Content Performance

Instagram Insights allows you to track the performance of individual posts, Stories, and promotional content, letting you dig deeper into what's driving user actions.

How to make your instagram account business or private

How to change your private account to a “business” account for more reach.

Differences between public and private accounts.

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