Best Yoga Teachers Insurance in the UK in 2024

Getting a Public Liability is not compulsory in the UK for Yoga teachers - but it's recommended

Starting your career as a yoga teacher can be exhilarating, so well done for getting that teacher training. However, before you roll out your mat and start guiding students through their sun salutations, you should consider getting an insurance.

Getting a Public Liability is not compulsory in the UK for Yoga teachers - but it's recommended. Accidents can happen in any physical activity, and they can occur during a yoga class as well. Injuries or property damage caused by a student could lead to costly legal expenses or compensation claims against you.

A Yoga teacher insurance typically includes public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Public liability covers bodily injury or property damage caused by accidents to the public during your classes, while professional indemnity protects you against claims for negligence from your students.

The only compulsory cover is employers’ liability insurance, which is a legal requirement if you plan to employ staff.

Most insurance companies do not cover the US and Canada, so make sure to extend the coverage to include these countries if you intend to teach to people based there via live-stream classes, for example.

In this article, we review the main yoga teacher insurance policy companies, providing quote examples, and links to each of them for you to request a custom quote.

Our UK based teachers prefer Balens, Insure4sport, Hiscox, and Simply Business

We are a live-streamed yoga classes marketplace that has been operating since the 2020 lockdown in the UK.

When a yoga teacher signs up to the platform, we ask for their yoga teacher's diploma and for a copy of their valid yoga teacher's insurance.

Three years later, we've looked at the data we've collected so far, and we can tell you what is the preferred insurance for yoga teachers in the UK in 2024.

Yoga Teachers Favourite Insurance Companies

The Number One is Balens & Zurich!

Balens and Zurich is used by 29% of our teachers. The reason? They have partnered with Yoga Alliance Professionals, a reputable studio certification organisation for Yoga Teacher Training, so they have access to the biggest pool of Yoga Teachers in the UK. A membership + insurance will cost you £148 a year with Balens & Zurich via Yoga Alliance Professionals. If you'd like to join Yoga Alliance Professionals without a yoga teacher's insurance, it goes down to £99. So you're getting a Balens & Zurich cover for £49!

Bluefin, another player, is the British Wheel of Yoga insurance provider (the governing body for yoga in the UK). However, they ask new students to fill out a health form prior to any class with a BWY teacher, which is not easy to obtain from students, especially when you teach online.

YAP yoga alliance professional insurance cost

Balens without YAP

We've requested a quote from Balens directly, and for a hatha yoga teacher, coverage of £4 M, no personal accident cover, and no business equipment cover, we got a quote of £88.80 per year. Some of our teachers chose Balens direct when they wanted to make sure they get the proper cover for their specialities (nutrition or massages for example). You can get a tailored quote for your needs by clicking here

2nd most popular insurance: Insure4sport

Insure4sport is the 2nd preferred insurance provider among our yoga teachers (21%). And the cheapest! A trademark of Ripe Insurance Services Limited, insure4sport offers covers from 64,99 a year, with a 50% discount on year one, £32.50 for the year. Getting the quote is quick and easy, probably the most user friendly process. You can get a quote with insure4sport here.


3rd choice: Hiscox and Wellbeing

If you are an Iyengar Yoga teacher in the UK, chances are that you have a Wellbeing insurance: they partner with Hiscox, which comes in third place on our list of preferred yoga teacher insurance (17%). Wellbeing is the official insurance provider for Iyegar yoga teachers when you are a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association.

Compared to Insure4sport, the process to get a quote was long and not very user-friendly, you have to search through a huge list of items to find the ones you've missed to be able to go to the next page. We asked for a quote without being a member of the Iyengar Yoga Association and were given a price of £142.28 (for 7M).

Click here to ask for a Wellbeing quote.

Wellbeing quote

Simply Business Number 4

Simply Business is the 4th preferred insurance among our yoga teachers (11%). Like many other player they are a broker and check a large range of insurers. The quote we got for a £5M cover was £279.19. A bit more than the top 3 providers.

Getting the quote was easy, you can do so here.

Simply business quote

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