Yoga with Adriene: Youtube Channel, 30 day Challenge, Morning & Beginners Yoga

Who is Adriene from Yoga with Adriene?

Yoga with Adriene is the most famous yoga influencer on YouTube, with 11.7 million subscribers. She teaches yoga on her YouTube channel.

Adriene Louise Mishler was born in 1984 in Austin, Texas. Of Mexican and Jewish-American heritage, she was a dancer and a performer as a kid (her parents were actors). Adriene still lives in the Texan capital. Her first name "Adriene" is of Latin origin meaning "from Adria" (Italy) and is also spelt Adrian in English or Adrienne in French; other variations also include Adriane or Adrianne.

What type of yoga does Adriene do?

Adriene Mishler from "Yoga with Adriene" is certified by the Austin-based National Yoga Alliance school in Hatha Yoga. She began her training around two decades ago in Kundalini yoga, and has continued her education learning Sanskrit, yoga philosophy and various styles of yoga. The type of yoga in her YouTube videos is a flow sequence of well-known asanas and looks more like a slow Vinyasa yoga than Kundalini yoga (no chanting) or Hatha yoga (static).

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Yoga with Adriene YouTube Channel

Adriene was one of the earliest teachers on YouTube, and as such, her Youtube channel offers a huge resource in different styles, lengths and variations of practice.

As of December 2023, she has 12.3 million subscribers to her YouTube Channel and is the number one most searched yoga teacher on Google in the UK with up to 40K searches a month, way ahead of other famous YouTube yoga teachers like Kassandra Yoga, Sarah Beth Yoga, Cat Meffan or Yoga with Tim.

She ranks in the top 1000 most subscribed YouTube channels as of June 2022 according to Wikipedia.

She has ordered some of her videos into playlists organised by length and offering everything from workouts under ten minutes to full hour-long practices. Adriene also diversifies her videos by hooking them around a theme that feels pertinent, from direct topics such as Yoga for Weightloss and Yoga for Back Pain, to more holistic approaches such as Yoga for Self-Care and Yoga for When You're Angry.

Her style of teaching yoga on YouTube is slow-paced and accessible. She also likes to keep her teachings close to traditional practices, leaning away from modern forms that focus on demanding athleticism.

Her most famous classes are the 30 days challenge, which she rebranded "Move" then "Center", her morning sessions and her beginners classes.

Whatever the session she often says "Hop into something comfy and let's get started"!

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2024 Yoga with Adriene 30 days yoga challenge: Flow

Yoga with Adriene annual 30-day yoga challenge, a 30-day flow yoga journey, kicks off on the first of January every year.

This year in January 2024 Adriene's yoga challenge is available via her "flow" website (last year it was the "center" one). the chalnnge starts the 2nd of january, register on the website to access the videos!

In her 1st of January intro, she says this year's classes will not be all "vinyasa flow", meaning not just the body, but also the mind. She mentioned she'd be working on different layers of the pudding. Bon Appetit!

Yoga with Adriene Morning

The Yoga with Adriene morning sessions are usually 10 to 15 minutes long.

Designed to help you wake up and start the day energised, the sessions are slow-paced. Adriene uses a soft voice, she looks a bit sleepy, socks on. You get to choose a word to carry with you in the practice (she chose "love" in the sample session we watched).

Those practices are gentle basic vinyasa flow using well-known poses like cat and cow pose, dog pose, extended child pose, or three-legged dog pose.

Yoga for beginners

Adriene offers recorded classes called Yoga for beginners, sessions usually last 20, 30 or 40 minutes and help you get the basics of yoga even if you've never done any.

She starts the class with some meditation followed by most common poses either on all 4, standing up, lying on your front and on your back.

Other topics for Adriene

She also offers classes for concerns and conditions, like yoga for lower back pain, yoga for upper back pain, yoga for neck and shoulder or the spine.

Other topics also include yoga for when you are feeling scarred, or yoga wor when you have a date.

Adriene offers a monthly membership through her Find What Feels Good subscription app (FWFG), a library of 900 exclusive videos wihout ads and exclusive vlogs by Adriene. Cost is $12.99/month or $129.99 /year.

She’s also the co-owner of the Practice Yoga Austin studio where she’s listed as an instructor.

Why such a success?

When Adriene launched her YouTube channel with business partner Chris Sharpe, she wanted her videos to be accessible and inclusive. Her goal is to make you feel like you’re in the room with her, like you’re part of the practice.

Part of the charm of Adriene’s teaching is that instead of relying on high production values, multiple cameras and quick cuts, the videos gently switch between one or two cameras, the pace is slow and reflective of her teaching style, and the lo-fi production is relaxed and inviting.

Adriene welcomes you into her dining-room-turned-yoga-space, teaching in front of a window, surrounded by plants and often interrupted by her dog Benji, an Australian cattle dog. There is no sharp or garish lighting, she wears a mic but it’s discreet, and the entire vibe of her videos allows you to focus on form and gives space for the practice itself.

Prior to teaching yoga, Adriene was working as an actor in film and voice-over. She began to learn yoga as a way to supplement her income. She also enjoys running and takes barre classes. She follows a mostly vegan diet.

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Is Yoga with Adriene popular in the UK?

When you look at strong yoga-related keywords in the UK, "Yoga with Adriene" is searched more often than "online yoga ", showing how popular the Youtuber Adriene Mishler is.

Yoga with adriene online yoga youtube yoga google trends

The UK is the European country with the most monthly searches for "yoga with Adriene"

Language plays a prominent role in the fact that yoga with Adriene is so popular in the UK vs Germany, France and the south of Europe. Other countries with a high number of searches are Sweden and Norway. Adriene Mishler admits in an Refinery 29 article that London is a top traffic source for her.

The UK is also one of the countries where Yoga with Adriene has the highest penetration rate. Much higher than in the US, Adriene's home country:

US: (165,000/312,000)*100= 53%


Yoga with adriene per EU country

Adriene’s Yoga Teaching

Students of Adriene favour her stripped back, accessible and friendly approach.

“Yoga with Adriene on YouTube is very gentle, lots of space for when it hurts to do something. No pressure.” - Twitter

“I just love Adriene!! She has such a loving spirit and brings so much to this practice!! It was so refreshing to find her since I have not been going to my health club during the pandemic.” - YouTube

Yoga with Adriene just celebrated its 9th anniversary on YouTube and Adriene recently shared a series of videos in Spanish after taking lessons to learn the language. You can sign up to her weekly newsletter full of tips, encouragement, and some personal stuff via her website.

Watching recorded videos such as those created by Adriene can be a great introduction to yoga. They help you to experience the basics and learn what type of yoga is right for you. Practicing with a teacher either via a livestream or in a studio, alongside independent workouts, can help you grow your knowledge, stay motivated and deepen your practice.

Best articles about Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene raised a lot of interest during lockdown - here are some interesting articles if you'd like to keep reading :

The Guardian: Yoga With Adriene, how the YouTube star won lockdown

"Mishler was already huge before the pandemic – her channel, which has more than 7 million subscribers, is the first to pop up when you search for “yoga” on YouTube – but the lockdown has catapulted her to a new level of fame. "

"One devotee even built a digital replica of her home studio in the video game Animal Crossing."

"By not doing too much, and not asking us to do too much, she’s become the woman of the hour."

Paper mag: Adriene Mishler Is the Patron Saint of Quarantine

"She posts more nature pics than selfies and instructs in workout gear that could be from Target, rather than Outdoor Voices. She doesn't edit out her falls or stumbles. Her appeal is the opposite of most influencers. Adriene makes people feel good, not bad."

"There's meant to be a kind of equality between me and whoever was tuning in, to kind of play against hopefully, the intimidation that comes with yoga in the studio"

Refinery 29: Adriene From 'Yoga With Adriene' Is Done With Hypocritical Influencers

"Outside of the US, London is the biggest city of subscribers to the channel."

"I’m not trying to drive people away from the studio – studios have sent me letters thanking me because they get so many people now."

Vox:Yoga alone, together

“I will intend to say this with so much grace,” Adriene says from my laptop screen, as she watches my face. “In a lot of ways, we were ready for this.”

The “we” she’s talking about is her team, a seven-person operation that produces content for the free YouTube channel and its ancillary paid membership platform, Find What Feels Good.”

“It’s not my personality to be like, ‘I’m the expert here,’” Adriene says. “I’ve tried to steer clear of the, ‘I’m the leader and the guru,’ and create more of a peer-to-peer relationship. I’ve definitely always tried to position myself as the friend.”

New York Times:The Reigning Queen of Pandemic Yoga

"Beneath a video called “Yoga for Manual Labor,” there are comments from people identifying themselves as a pipe fitter, a miner, a janitor, a dishwasher, a mason, an electrician, a mechanic and a landscaper, as well as several farmers and construction workers."