Stretch Yoga

Static or Dynamic, Stretch Yoga is a full body workout inspired by yoga poses. Stretching has existed for a long time as preparation for an army before the war, and later for sport
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What is Stretch Yoga?

Static or Dynamic Stretch Yoga is a full body workout inspired by yoga poses (a combination of Vinyasa and Yin).

Stretching has existed for a long time and for example was used to train an army before going to war. In the last century, stretching was employed before and after workout to prevent injuries and muscle cramps.

Stretch yoga connects stretching techniques with yoga poses to create a unique session where you work out differently than a yoga or a stretch class.

What to expect in a Stretch Yoga Class?

Stretch classes may include seated twists, sun salutes, lying down with side stretches, all fours (exotic tabletop dancer), tree pose, wide-legged forward fold, body age test (coming to seated with crossed ankles, and rising again.) upward facing bridge, lying down twists, or reindeer.

Classes are usually 30 minutes only, using a yoga mat and bare foot, no props required.

It's is gentle light practice, great in the morning to wake and set you up for the day. This is for people who want to do yoga in the morning, but don't fancy a full one hour class. The classes will vary a little for a some variation, but also to take in account the time of year and the weather.

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