Terms and conditions - Yoga Challenge Tracker

Terms and conditions - Yoga Challenge Tracker 2024

The draw “Yoga Challenge Tracker 2024” will be taking place the 1st week of February 2024 among people who completed their yoga challenge.

Higher spenders will be selected on the admin platform of the liveyogateachers.com website (the highest spend by an individual client in January 2024)

The top 3 spenders will be rewarded with a Gift Card: 1st spender: £50, 2nd: £25, 3rd: £10

Gift cards will be sent by email from the Ekotex website: https://ekotexyoga.co.uk/collections/yoga-gifts/products/giftwizard-giftcard

Anyone other than those 3 top spenders will enter a draw to win one of the following rewards to book on Live Yoga Teachers: 5 free classes, 5 classes at 50% off, 5 classes 20% at off. 15 winners will be chosen randomly (each entry will be assigned a number, we’ll use a random number generator app to pick 5 winners of each category (Free, 50%, 20%)

We reserve the right to exclude spammy entries.

Winners will be contacted by email. They can use their class reward within 3 months.