Benefits of using Live Yoga Teachers for Yoga teachers

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Do you teach yoga? Wondering why you should join Live Yoga Teachers? We've listed the main benefits of the platform for you!

Teach Yoga Online & In-Person Stress-Free

  • Teachers teach the livestream and in-person classes of their choice, students book directly with each teacher
  • The platform takes credit cards, sends receipts, video links, and weekly updates to students
  • We actively promote the platform via online marketing to help teachers find new students

No need for a personal website

  • Your profile page ranks on Google to be found by people who know you
  • Your classes get displayed on our UK classes page to hundreds of potential new students (and growing)
  • You can use your profile link for your social media channels for students to book
  • All your sales are made in one place, via the platform: no need to reconcile payments with attendance, easy tax reporting
  • No need to pay for a Video account (like Zoom or Google Meet) or a calendar account (like Calendly or Acuity)
  • When you use the platform for in-person classes, students get the address by email instead of the video link

For teachers who already have a website and online classes with existing students:

  • You can provide your own Video link to the platform (Zoom or Google Meet)
  • New students can join your existing classes
  • Existing students can pay by credit card via the platform


You can choose between 3 plans:

  • Teacher: 25% commission (no video link)
  • Master: £6 a month + 7.5% commission (reduced commission, video link provided)
  • Guru: £12 a month + 5% commission (reduced commission, video link provided, more features and revenue opportunities)

Find out more about livestream yoga class pricing.

Other Teachers benefits

  • Teachers get a personal link to send their students so they can find their classes and book easily
  • Teachers get personal coupons they can send to their students (Free Class or 20% off for concession)
  • Teachers can promote their studio classes on their profile
  • Teachers get rewarded for inviting other teachers to the platform (You get a £5 payment for every teacher who signs up for a Master or Guru plan)
  • Teachers are more protected as students agree with T&C’s and disclaimer every time they book

Benefits for students

  • Students can access your full schedule and book in advance
  • Students can book with a credit card in a few clicks
  • Students get payment receipts
  • Video links & address are always available on the students' dashboard to avoid last-minute stress
  • Students don't need a Paypal account and they don't need to make a bank transfer to the teacher
  • Students can view how many classes they’ve been to
  • Students can practice more!